In early 1920 a young man named Angel Illescas Hernandez arrived in the town of Vazquez Vela with a municipality in Tezonapa, State of Veracruz. When he arrived alone, it was pure mountain, he began to work, plant banana and coffee plants, what he was harvesting year after year. The production was growing according to the hectares of sowing. These lands are bought from Mrs. Elena Cotlame. In those times the production was for own consumption as much as the banana and the coffee.
In the year of 1950 he found his partner Celia Ochoa Arguello and with their help they built a two-story house, where they had to sleep with their children. In 1960 he realized that coffee takes monetary value and began to buy more land and having an abundant harvest he built a coffee benefit where he had a 50-centimeter dryer, a two-disk pulping machine, which pulped 400 kilos per hour and a wetness of 100 kilos per hour. To make production more efficient, he began hiring staff to raise their crops, he built 3 galleys for them to sleep on. He had 70 coffee cutters at his disposal, he had 40 hectares of land, he took 100 tons per harvest, he brought the coffee with mules from the farm to the ranch. In 1970, it acquired the first truck to facilitate the production of coffee even more. It had a solarium of 500 square meters and 3 water tanks. With the help of their children, the company grew by selling coffee in nearby cities.